Shift Your Perspective on Bodywork and Your Body Will Thank You

What role does massage play in your life?

Most people would maintain that massage is a luxury- a practice of self-indulgence. But in my practice, I see clients when they are in pain. They suffer from workout injuries, nerve impingements and repetitive strain injuries. So when these people are on my table, the bodywork I provide is hardly a luxury. Pain, or even chronic low-grade discomfort, impairs your ability to perform or enjoy daily activities. It has a direct impact on your emotions, moods, relationships, and capacity to cope with stress. Bodywork addresses more than just the area or areas that are hurting- it makes a direct impact on your experience of every aspect of your life.

Do you consider the regular tune-ups that you get on your car to be a luxury?

Imagine what would happen if you waited for engine damage to occur before getting your oil changed. Few people allow their cars to become so badly damaged. Yet, a car engine can be replaced.

The financial impact of neglecting to get regular maintenance massage can be extraordinary- and often, the damage that is done to your body is irreversible.

So I invite you to reconsider your perspective on the role of bodywork in your life. With regular attention, you can get beyond crisis management. Together, we can do so much more than just help you to manage pain.

If you find yourself suffering from aches and pains, ask yourself, “could I have prevented this by taking my body in for an oil change?”

Take care of your body so that it can take care of you.

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