Simple Lower Leg Stretch To Help Avoid Common Runner Injuries

Now that running season is in full swing I have noticed more and more lower leg injuries as a result from running long miles on a regular basis. This has inspired me to share with you a fantastic lower leg stretch that you may be missing that will stretch the deepest muscle in the lower leg, the Soleus.The Soleus muscle is often over looked during our stretching routine, however, keeping this muscle loose is crucial in preventing an array of knee, lower leg, and foot injuries.

Adding the Soleus stretch after the lower leg stretch, i.e., the (Gastrocnemius stretch) is an ideal sequence as shown above.I demonstrate these two stretches below.



Gastrocnemius/Calf Stretch

  • Place the balls of your foot with your leg straight, against the base of a wall or curb from a standing position and lean into it.

  • Hold the stretch for 10-12 seconds remembering to breath.

  • Repeat 2-3 times

Soleus Stretch

  • With your knee bent, place the balls of your foot onto the edge of a step or curb and place the opposite leg in front with your thigh parallel to the ground. If needed hold on to rail or wall for support and balance.

  • Then lower your heel towards the ground until you feel the stretch.

  • Hold the stretch for 10-12 seconds remembering to breath.

  • You should feel the Soleus expand and lengthen throughout your lower leg all the way down to the Achilles Tendon.

  • Repeat 2-3 times.

Including this one simple stretch after your run will go a long way to keep you pain free so that you can enjoy those long runs!

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