Stop ITBand Abuse!

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how many times you roll the side of your leg at the end of every workout with the foam roller, it just never seems to soften or stretch? Most of us adhere to the old adage, “no pain, no gain,” especially for workouts at the local fitness club. So you probably thought this exercise was doing a world of good, because it can be very excruciating. Well, I’m here to tell you that can you stop abusing yourself, because it will never soften. The reason is the side of your leg is not a muscle, it is a band, known as the Illiotibial Band (ITBand), which is not meant to soften or stretch. The ITBand runs from hip to knee, supporting the lateral quadricep muscles, the Rectus Femoris and Vastus Lateralis. The ITBand is meant to withstand an enormous amount of pressure, as it supports two of the strongest and active muscles in the human body.

Try focusing the roller instead on the Rectus Femoris and Vastus Lateralis, located just above and slightly medial to the ITBand. These two muscles are usually much stronger than the other two quadricep muscles, Vastus Intermedius and Vastus Medialis. It is important to stretch the lateral quadriceps because if tight and constricted they will pull the hip and leg muscles laterally, creating an imbalance, and can create knee, hip, and low back discomfort. Spend the time where you use to roll your ITBand on your lateral quads and if you start to wince, chances are you are to lateral and hit your ITBand!

This should make your workout a bit more enjoyable! Happy rolling!

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