Neck Stretch for Headache Relief/Prevention

Here’s a great stretch that will help relieve headaches and release neck tension at the base of the skull. This muscle group is known as the sub occipital region. This group of muscles performs numerous actions helps rotate the head, lateral neck flexion, neck extension. In addition to these actions, this muscle group supports and stabilizes the head allowing us to perform common tasks such as working at the computer, driving, reading, and watching TV.

This muscle group if not stretched can become tight and compressed which can cause headaches. So try this simple stretch that can be done anywhere several times a day. This stretch can also be performed standing or sitting. This sub occipital stretch should provide some instant relief to this overworked muscle group.

  • Start with your hands clasped behind the base of your skull.

  • Gently press your head back into your clasped hands.

  • Next slowly and gently use your hands to press forward against the resistance of the head, which is slowly pressing the opposite direction.

  • Hold this position for 10-12 seconds and repeat several times remembering to breath.

This will provide some instant relief to these overworked and neglected neck muscles.

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