The Toes Know


Observing subtle clues the body tells us can let you know what muscles should be stretched before it's to late. A great way to reduce or prevent pain from the wear and tear our bodies take on a daily basis would be to notice the position of your toes.

Try lying flat on your back and notice which way your toes are pointed. For instance, if your toes are pointed straight ahead instead of towards the ceiling then lower leg stretches, targeting both anterior and posterior muscles are in order. This is quite common for those of us living in the city where a great deal of walking is usually required.

Another popular position you might find your toes in would be to the side. This is from tight lateral quadriceps and hip flexor muscles. Most of the time I find clients who come in complaining of low back and sciatic pain will have their feet in this lateral position.

So the next time you wake up in the morning, take a moment and notice the clues your toes are telling you. It could prevent your next sciatic flare up.

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